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Rodents are gnawing mammals that are distinguished by constantly growing incisors. An infestation of rats, mice, or squirrels can cause tremendous damage to your property and belongings. To take care of any property pest invasion issues, you can rely on our rodent control service in Wandsworth.

Your Rodent Control Service in Wandsworth – All You Need To Know

Rodent Control WandsworthGetting rid of squirrels that have taken up residence in your property is difficult as they are very protective and quite brave! One of the main problems is that they chew on powerlines, gnaw cables and insulation, causing short circuits and blackouts. Squirrel control is normally completed in one visit with the use of large snap traps and bait. If the entrance holes are small and easily accessible you can request proofing as a complimentary service.

Rat control and mice control are services that are also not hourly based, so your pest technicians will stay until all the work is completed. This involves a full inspection of the property before treatment to establish access points and assess the level of infestation. The three step treatment incorporates sealing, placing traps, and laying down poison.

You’ll get plenty of prevention advice from your specialist on-site, such as not leaving excess food waste outside, and placing household rubbish in a sealed bin. Don’t encourage rodents by throwing bread for the birds onto the ground, and avoid letting your garden become overgrown or filled with rubbish. You can also block up service holes to ensure that escape is impossible!

Don’t forget that if you book a guaranteed service you’ll be entitled to two free follow-up visits within three months of the initial treatment.

Your Rodent Control Service in Wandsworth – The Benefits

As soon as you need a rodent control in Wandsworth we’ll be there. You’ll be given all the help and support you need alongside:
Rodent Control Wandsworth

  • Customer service that’s available by phone or online at any time of the day or night
  • Same day and emergency appointments when you need us urgently
  • 7 day-a-week booking slots from early morning to evening, including Bank Holidays
  • Pest exterminators who are certified by the British Pest Control Association
  • Flexible pricing with no hidden charges – the price you see is the price you pay

Wasp removal and mice control are two other services that we specialise in. And if you add them to your order, you’ll qualify for great discounts. Combine different types of pest removal to get superior rates!