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Rats Control in Wandsworth That Really Works

Rats can contaminate food and water sources causing numerous illnesses, and can destroy cables, wood, and pipes. Rats control in Wandsworth focuses not only on exterminating the population, but prevents the re-entry of rodents inside your property.

Rats Control in Wandsworth – Learn More

Rats Control WandsworthOur rats control in Wandsworth is usually carried out in one visit that’s not hourly based, so your technician will stay until the job’s completed. Your premises will be fully inspected before the treatment begins, and all entrance and exit points will be determined to assess the level of infestation. The treatment consists of three stages: filling all holes with expanding foam, wire wool, and sealants, placing traps around the property, and for serious cases laying down poison. Bait boxes and glue traps are used as well as pesticides, but no spray is administered.

If you book a guaranteed service you’ll be offered two free follow up visits within a period of three months after the initial treatment. During this time the dead rodents will be collected from easily reached places and disposed of. Unfortunately, floorboards won’t be lifted though. Your experienced pest technician will also give you preventative advice on site.

We’ll advise you not to leave excess food waste outside overnight, secure rubbish in dustbins, and to keep garden areas clear. You can ensure that rats can’t escape through old pipes by blocking up any holes, and you’ll be instructed not to throw out food for the birds onto the ground.

The Benefits of Hiring Us For Rats Control in Wandsworth

You’ll be guaranteed all of the following when you hire us for rats control in Wandsworth:
Rats Control Wandsworth

  • Free consultations over the phone with customer service available 24/7
  • Work completed by a vetted and fully insured pest control service provider
  • A complete service which includes inspection, treatment, and prevention
  • Appointments available 7 days a week including weekends and Bank Holidays
  • Same-day and emergency treatments offered when urgently needed
  • Payment when jobs are completed without any hidden charges
  • All insecticides and pesticides approved by an official UK pest supplier

Combining our mice control and pest inspection will entitle you to great discounts! There are also special rates for returning customers and extra discounts for every additional service you book. Thousands of clients enjoy our quick and efficient services. Why not join them today?