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Mice damage to your home or office can be quite severe as it may affect electrical appliances, wires, food, and documents. Mice are also a perfect host for fleas. The experts who deliver our mice control in Wandsworth understand the importance of eliminating the infestation – and preventing it from happening again.

Details Regarding Our Mice Control in Wandsworth

Mice Control WandsworthA full property inspection will be performed before any treatment starts to ensure that all entry and exit points are identified, and to assess the level of infestation. This service for mice control in Wandsworth is usually done in one visit, and because it isn’t hourly based, your specialist will stay until he’s satisfied the job is complete. The treatment consists of three steps – sealing all holes with expanding foam and wire wool, placing bait boxes and glue traps around the property, and for serious infestations, putting down poison. You don’t need to take any special precautions, as sprays will not be used.

If you book a one-off service there are no return visits, so you’ll need to dispose of any dead mice yourself. However, if you choose a guaranteed service you’ll have two free follow up visits for a period of three months after the initial treatment, and your technician will collect and dispose of the dead rodents for you when they return.

Your pest technician will provide you with plenty of preventative advice – you’ll be instructed to put all household rubbish in a dustbin and secure it, to not leave excess food waste outside, and not to throw food out for the birds onto the ground. You can block up any service holes that lead into your property to ensure the mice can’t escape too.

Use Our Mice Control in Wandsworth and Benefit

Take advantage of our mice control in Wandsworth and be provided with:
Mice Control Wandsworth

  • A quick and efficient stress-free complete service including inspection, treatment, and prevention
  • A choice of services from one-off to fully guaranteed treatments
  • A discount for combined types of control – book our rodent control and rats control for example, and get price reductions
  • A fully vetted and reference-checked workforce trained to carry out all duties to the highest standards
  • A service bookable 24/7, with appointments available 7 days a week including Bank Holidays and weekends
  • A fully insured pest control service provider with years of experience dealing with all types of vermin