Flea Control

Flea Control in Wandsworth That Cares For Your Health and Safety

Fleas thrive in high humidity areas where it’s moist and warm, and summer is the season when most infestations occur. They can live in furniture, carpets, and on your pets. That’s why our flea control in Wandsworth is always so successful – we treat the environment and the animals!

What You’ll Get With Your Flea Control in Wandsworth

Flea Control WandsworthWhen you book our flea control in Wandsworth you’ll be assured of an inspection, treatments, and prevention of re-infestation – all in one visit. Insecticide will be sprayed where there is any sign of invasion. This spray has a three month residual effect on treated surfaces, assuring an instant kill. Industrial vacuum cleaners may also be used, as frequent hoovering can kill up to 96% of adult fleas and completely eliminate youngsters. If you’ve opted for our guaranteed service you’ll be entitled to two follow-up visits within three months of the initial treatment.

You’ll be asked to do a few simple tasks before we arrive:

  • Remove all pets including fish from the property
  • Vacuum all affected areas
  • Leave the property whilst the treatment is being carried out as the poisons have a low toxicity when airborne, and allow two hours afterwards for poisons to settle
  • Open all windows and doors for about 10 minutes when you return
  • Don’t vacuum again for at least four days

Why Use Our Flea Control in Wandsworth?

Thousands of customers highly recommend our flea control in Wandsworth because you benefit from all of the following, and so much more!
Flea Control Wandsworth

  • Only experienced pest technicians certified by the British Pest Control Association will visit you
  • Professional pest treatments guarantee results and are all approved by an official UK pest supplier
  • You’ll be able to schedule a treatment 7 days a week, including weekends and Bank Holiday
  • Customer services are open 24/7 to help and advise you over the phone or online
  • Your service will be quick, efficient, and hassle-free
  • All products and equipment are eco-friendly
  • We care for your health and safety, and your home will rapidly be protected and vermin-free

We also offer a bed bug control and a cockroach control, and booking them will qualify you for great discounts! Take a look at our whole range of services and get price reductions for every additional service you hire.