Cockroach Control

Eco-Friendly Cockroach Control in Wandsworth

Houses provide the perfect environment for cockroaches, as they can happily live in drains, pipes, bathrooms, and kitchens for months on end! Need a trustworthy company to get rid of them for you? Our cockroach control in Wandsworth will do the job quickly and efficiently.

Understanding Our Cockroach Control in Wandsworth

Cockroach Control WandsworthQualified technicians will come to your property with all the products and equipment needed to eliminate your infestation. Insecticide will be sprayed onto surfaces, which will then maintain a three month residual effect – this prevents the cockroaches re-infesting the premises. The use of bait gels provides a knock-on effect, as the cockroaches which have eaten the bait will die within 24 hours, and then be eaten by other cockroaches. This then spreads amongst the nests and kills off the population.

You’ll be given a few simple instructions to carry out on the morning of your treatment including the removal of all pets including fish, vacuuming all areas, staying away from the property whilst treatment takes place due to the low toxicity of the poisons when airborne, and leaving the premises empty for two hours after work is completed. Opening doors and windows for 10 minutes on return is advised.

Remember – if you book the guaranteed service you can ask for up to two follow-up visits within a three month period after your initial treatment.

Choose Our Cockroach Control in Wandsworth and Reap the Rewards

Cockroaches treatment is normally done in just one visit. And you can also rely on our cockroach control in Wandsworth for…
Cockroach Control Wandsworth

  • Appointments that are available 7 days a week, including weekends and Bank Holidays
  • Same-day and emergency treatments
  • Pesticides and insecticides that are approved by an official UK pest supplier
  • 24/7 customer service by phone or online
  • A vetted pest control service provider with technicians that are fully insured and have years of experience
  • Payment only on completion of jobs undertaken, with no hidden charges
  • Quality control supervision to ensure that every service is completed to the highest standard
  • A key pick-up and delivery service option organised on request if you can’t be there

Don’t forget that combining services will help to save you money. Hire our flea control and wasp removal for example to qualify for great discounts. The more services you book, the less you pay!